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Rules & Guidelines
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 20 December 2010 15:46


  • All submitted contents must be in written English currently, we don't allow multi-language in the present maybe in the near future hopefully, still you can translate our contents into other language that you like by using translate plugin from any browsers or directly through google search.
  • Don't submit your site, articles, blogs, bookmarks,services, classified etc. without any description or it will be deemed spam and will deleted and most likely the user will also be deleted and all it's submission.
  • Submitting site from the same domain or sub-domain more than 1 for 1 day will be treated as spam and will deleted and most likely the user will also be deleted and all it's submission.
  • You're only allowed 1 hyperlinks for your desired keyword on your description and detail page a total of 2 desired keyword.
  • You are only allowed 3 to 5 site simultaneously submission from different domain.


  • Quality Content: Is your story relevant to the site?
  • Link Directly to the Source: Save people time by linking directly to the original news story.
  • Search First: Avoid duplicate submissions by searching to make sure someone else has not submitted the story already.
  • Be Descriptive: You are the story editor, so explain what it is and why it is cool.
  • Right Category: Please submit story in right or most appropriate category. If not your story will be deleted considering spam.
  • Good Title: Title should be good. Don't write site name in title. Don't write all keywords in title. Write first word in capital. Don't write all words in small or capital
  • Story Description: Don't use link of story submitted in description. Don't use links in story unnecessarily


  • You are only allowed 3 hyperlinks on your signature having more than 3 will be subject to ban or account being disable and terminated.
  • No trolling meaning in our own terms posting a topic and asking for something or someone without a very valid or substantial importance and valid reason just to acquire lots of backlinks.
  • If you want to post a topic to the board or raise a question to the community be sure to state well your reason so that community members can answer you promptly and directly.
  • Strictly no flaming by any means like for example. racial discrimination, poor in english, etc. You are hear on this community to help contribute your knowledge to make other members prosper in their chosen field.

Note: This section may change from time to time. For tips and trick on submitting to Linkbucket.info refer to this link.

Last Updated on Monday, 12 August 2013 11:19
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